Our domain-rich industry expertise spans the intricate knowledge of unique mechanisms of gas and power delivery in the UK, Europe and the ISO/Pools in North America combined with the ability to deconstruct and systemically model complex financial arrangements and assets for comprehensive valuations.

Our in-depth, comprehensive knowledge of energy trading technology includes key ETRM systems, trading platforms and exchanges, pricing sources and software, clearing platforms and regulatory and reporting systems. With a consulting presence in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and India and a technological focus on energy markets, we are uniquely positioned to globally address all system requirements arising from the distinctive nature of the energy trading and risk management activities.

SunGard Aligne Consultants

Our Aligne specialists are industry recognized experts in the development and/or support of Sungard Energy Systems's Aligne suite of products. These consultants have a thorough knowledge of Aligne's reporting engine, real-time applications, as well as the Importer/Publisher API and Sungard's EDX/AIF product. From their experience in helping numerous customers worldwide, they offer comprehensive understanding of ETRM processes, risk management methods, and change management practices.

Open Link Endur Consultants

Our OpenLink Consultants are highly-motivated software engineers with thorough experience in working with OpenLink Financial's Endur product. ETRMServices OpenLink consultants bring a wealth of technical expertise in Endur Configuration, JVS and AVS scripting as well as a deep knowledge of Endur's data structures and process flows. All consultants have strong academic backgrounds with academic degrees from leading institutions in computer science and engineering.

Trade Cluster Consultants

Our consultants also specialize in the other essential systems and interfaces with the primary ETRM system of record. We develop and support deal interfaces from leading exchanges and trade entry products. Our expertise in leading data management systems allows timely and reliable processing of price data. We engage with and support standard middle-ware tools and adaptors that handle bi-directional communications to accounting packages, confirmation platforms, compliance and regulatory organizations, nominations and system operators as well as diverse internal systems. Our middle office experts manage Credit and VAR tools and ensure reporting on various measures of risk, including VAR, on a daily basis. Our team has expertise in standard languages such as VBA, C++, Java, etc. to ensure we can meet your customised straight-through processing needs.