ETRMServices is a trusted IT service provider for the global energy commodity markets.

Our dedicated focus on trading and risk management information systems puts us in the unique position of providing highly specialized, comprehensive services tailored to your specific business needs. Our diligent technical specialists apply an in-depth market knowledge to your business, providing proactive solutions on a local or global scale.

Our professionals are located in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom and India, ensuring 24/7 coverage for our clients worldwide. An India-based team monitors overnight operations for a number of our clients.

"We Manage System Risk in Trading Risk Management Systems"

Energy trading is a complex business and requires an optimal use of interconnected, reliable IT systems. With ongoing regulation and compliance change, as well as the need for flexibility in a high-speed market, your trading business needs a dedicated, flexible IT partner that puts your core business first.

We have a team of highly skilled experts committed to providing excellent services in all aspects of systems within the ETRM stack. These delivery managers, business analysts and IT experts are all at your disposal to provide the best in compliance and data management solutions, trading and clearing platforms, forecasting and analytical tools, and interfaces between these systems and the market, customized to your specific business requirements.

We guarantee 24/7 IT services for your entire organization, making your IT issues our responsibility and allowing you to focus all your efforts on what you do best.

Program Delivery: "On-Time, On-Budget Delivery of Business and IT Solutions"

In the fast-paced, constantly evolving energy trading market, your business faces the challenge of staying ahead of the competition while complying with regulations and standards. That requires dedicated IT services with a keen eye for the business, as well as on-time and on-budget delivery.

ETRMServices has successfully delivered a range of end-to-end programs, including:

  • New (greenfield) implementations of an ETRM system
  • Migration from one ETRM system to another
  • Re-implementation of an existing implementation to reflect a 'new business and/or technical reality'
  • Major system upgrade (including technical and functional upgrades) from one version to another

The end-to-end trade-cluster of any global trading operation invariably consists of multiple complex, enterprise-wide systems that interface with each other. Minor changes or unexpected outages can trigger a chain of failures that impact business across the trading floor. Quick resolution requires business and technical knowledge and experience which is built into ETRMServices' operations management with a 24 x 7 x 365 capability to proactively avert negative impact to business.

System users in an ETRM organization require ongoing incremental, iterative changes to the technology platform to meet the naturally evolving requirements of the energy business. This change management paradigm is customized with the customer so that the small or large changes can be effectively delivered to the business team enabling efficiencies for the trading organization.