Our Products We ensure your data is organized and your systems integrate seamlessly with the global marketplace.

ETRMServices Adapters
Reliable, real-time trading data.

ETRMServices Adapters provide reliable links to external exchanges, trading platforms, brokers and market data providers. Our technology ensures that your trades, orders and market data are correctly transformed, mapped and distributed to all relevant systems in multiple formats.

We are a Certified Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for EPEX M7/ETS,ETPA,CROPEX,Equias and Nord Pool and we are a Certified Software Provider (CSP) for Trayport.

Equias: Giving everyone equal access to energy trading
Equias’s mission is to help market participation and trading activity grow by building a dynamic community of European energy traders. They offer products in four business areas, which together ensure that energy trading is equally accessible to all. Equias optimizes energy trading through process automation based on open market standards. A trusted partner to their clients and always focused on results, Equias’s work has made OTC energy trading highly efficient, continually offering a close, collaborative and rewarding experience for all involved.

ETRMHub Interfacing
The trading desk, integrated.

ETRMHub middleware connects all systems on a trading desk and lets them work seamlessly with external systems such as third-party data sites, regulatory repositories, forecasting tools, etc.

Our data-driven framework allows you to easily configure transformation rules for interfaces without relying on developers to change the underlying system. The business logic is transparent and readable, not buried in layers of code, enabling fast and cost-efficient updates for any commercial or market change.